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When Jared Lavergne, a professional bareback rider in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association took to the road pursuing his dreams and his career, he soon missed his hometown food. Being from South Central Louisiana and CAJUN COUNTRY, it didn’t take long until Jared began preparing his favorite Cajun meals on the road. And it didn’t take long until he found a need for some good Cajun Seasoning to add ZEST to his meals. Jared decided to create his very own, called JARED LAVERGNE’S CAJUN COWBOY SEASONING. He created this recipe by blending different seasonings, until he came up with this Great Blend! CAJUN COWBOY SEASONING is catching on all across the United States and Canada.

Wherever I rodeo the seasoning makes it’s debut and everyone seems to just love it, says Jared. How can it miss with Cajun and Western Heritage!

Jared’s meals soon caught the Rodeo Announcers and the Fans attention. And with that attention came the label of CAJUN COWBOY CHEF. It caught on throughout the United States on national television on ESPN and OLN networks, and on Jared’s interviews from local newspaper reporters cross country.

“I just wanted a healthy blend of seasoning, Jared said, and I finally developed it. More Spice, Less Salt and NO MSG. Everyone just loves CAJUN FOOD, no matter where I go. And I wanted to promote Louisiana with some good stuff!!

Jared is known throughout the circuit as the CAJUN COWBOY CHEF for the delicious meals he prepares on the road for the people in the RODEO WORLD; people who he says, are his second family. They are special because they allow me to relate to my Cajun Heritage and Culture. They’re even playing FRENCH MUSIC at the rodeos , when I ride now.

COME ALONG for the ride and enjoy my CAJUN HERITAGE and CULTURE from South Louisiana, also known as ACADIANA. Everybody loves CAJUN FOOD. Cook with CAJUN COWBOY SEASONING and you’ll become part CAJUN, too. Fun Loving, Southern Hospitality People, who enjoy a good CAJUN MEAL!!!

For those CAJUN FOOD LOVERS, who didn’t have the right spice, NOW, Jared’s accommodating you with CAJUN COWBOY SEASONING!!! ENJOY!!




Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

2 cups flour
1 3/4 cups cooking oil
1 large onion chopped
4 qt. water
1 large hen 3 lbs. cut into serving size
Rub the hen all over with Cajun Cowboy Seasoning.
2 lbs. Pure Pork Sausage, cut into 2” pieces
Boil in water for 20 min., then drain.
1 bunch of onion tops, chopped
4 stalks of parsley, chopped

Stir flour in heated oil on medium heat to make a dark roux. Over low heat, constantly stir until flour gradually changes from the color of beige to dark coffee.
Add chopped onion to the roux & sauté for 10 minutes.
Add the water and seasoned chicken or hen
Boil 1 hour, adding Cajun Cowboy Seasoning to Gumbo Juice to taste (approx. 2 tbsp.)
Add sausage and boil 40 minute
Skim Fat off Top.
Add Onion Tops and Parsley
Serve over Rice in Soup Plate
Serves 10 People



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